Yoga Bretagne

You will learn to harmonize spaces where you regularly spend time, creating an oasis of well-being.

Saturday, October 14 2023,
09:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Cost: Fr. 280.-  

Please call 079 535 14 01 


We spend a lot of time in our homes or at work. Depending on the purpose, requirement or destination, a room also needs different energy qualities to optimally fulfill its purpose. In addition to qualities that we would like to bring into the living space, we also want to free its stored burdens that do not belong there. 

In a first step you learn to strengthen your personal perception. In a second step, you devote your attention to the symbols and tools that help you to transform negative and low vibrational energies, to shield them or to remove the active causes. Through your thought power you activate the symbols for the highest good of the people who are in the rooms.


Journey Private car, parking available on the farm premises, alternative arrival with the Zugerberg railway (walk 20-30 minutes, 1.8 km)
Seminar Leadership Gerda Zurkirchen (energy work), Verena Krummenacher (certified sound therapist)
Bring along Pendulum (if available)
apartment or house plans, ballpoint pen, colored pencils, notepad, comfortable clothing, lunch snack
Cost Fr. 280.- (cash payment at the beginning of the course)







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