Klangraum Chellenweid Your feel-good place, furnished with great attention to detail and focus on the flow of sounds! Here everything revolves around you and your well-being, so that you can find relaxation, peace and perhaps answers within yourself.

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Sounds have been familiar to us humans since time immemorial. They speak a universal language that connects us across all borders. We perceive them holistically with body, mind and soul. Sound vibrations have an immediate effect and start where words and our mind end.

DidgeridooThe didgeridoo is the European sister of the yidaki, the oldest, archaic woodwind instrument of the northern Aborigines of Australia. Traditionally they have lived in close contact with nature and the sacred yidaki, which they call the voice of Mother Earth, is still used for ritual purposes today.


In the gong is everything. Be it tender high notes that resemble whale songs, soft rumbling, mighty swelling pressure waves - the gong unites them all. If you let yourself in on it completely, you become it, it becomes you. In this deep unity you find yourself again and the fascination of your centre.

MonochordThe monochord accompanies you on a very special journey with its carpet of sounds rich in overtones. While your body goes into deep resonance with the vibrations of the instrument, you experience a never before known release in a blissful state of suspension.

KlanggabelUnspeakably gently, the effective vibrations of the tuning fork reach your body and sink deep into your soul. In the flow of the universe you find your way back into your own vibration pattern, your body thanks you with healing relaxation, harmony and deep peace.

PowWow 220 220The deep sounds of the Pow Wow drum powerfully root you with Mother Earth. Your whole body is set into vibration. Reorganization and harmonization happens by itself, while you feel completely connected to the universe.

P4190022Listen to the spherical singing of the singing bowl and immerse yourself in its vibrations, which will gently lead you into deepest, most pleasant relaxation! In the pleasant letting go of everyday life, the security in the here and now, your subconscious will find the connection to your origin as if by magic.