Your individual coaching is development with professional guidance!

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We all face different challenges in life. Everyone - including you - already carries the knowledge, skills and powers of their own solution within themselves. In some situations, however, we are simply not able to recognise them on our own, we are virtually blind to our own business. Now a neutral, unbiased, trustworthy, appreciative, but also impulse-giving support helps.

My coaching intervention offers you a temporary, solution-oriented and resource-based support in a challenging phase of your life, quasi a help to help yourself. Of course, we take into account your current situation and your environment. I will accompany you in partnership on your path of self-reflection and solution finding.

In order that you know what to expect and we assume the same conditions, we first clarify the framework of our cooperation:

  • Get to know each other
  • As-is situation analysis/starting situation
  • Order clarification & general conditions
  • Precise objectives

Our further cooperation is based on mutual trust, appreciation and on your personal goals.

  • There is no right or wrong - but both
  • You already have the solution inside you - I will accompany you on your way to your goal with different models and methods
  • We focus on the positive and on your strengths
  • You strengthen your self-competence as well as your self-confidence and thus your future

Rediscover yourself and realise that challenging life situations and changes open up unimagined opportunities!

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