P4190022Listen to the spherical singing of the singing bowl and immerse yourself in its vibrations, which will gently lead you into deepest, most pleasant relaxation! In the pleasant letting go of everyday life, the security in the here and now, your subconscious will find the connection to your origin as if by magic.

Countless stories entwine around the highly sensitive sounding bodies, their origin, earlier use and their usefulness. Whether they are true or invented, one thing is clear: Singing bowls are beneficial for body, mind and soul. When we indulge in the bath of their sounds, our perception goes far beyond hearing. The micro-fine vibrations reach every corner of our body, every single cell, our mind and soul.

The oscillation and sound frequency range of the bowls is very wide. While the human ear can perceive frequencies between 20 - 20'000 Hertz, during a sound treatment the inaudible sound waves are also transmitted to our body, which consists of about 80% water. Similar to dropping a stone into still water, concentric waves are created, which reach every single cell with a gentle inner massage. In harmony with these original vibrations, physical and mental tensions and blockages can be released and the self-healing powers are gently stimulated.

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