In the gong is everything. Be it tender high notes that resemble whale songs, soft rumbling, mighty swelling pressure waves - the gong unites them all. If you let yourself in on it completely, you become it, it becomes you. In this deep unity you find yourself again and the fascination of your centre.

It is as if a very special, mysterious world opens up when you give yourself over to the gong. A world that remains hidden from you in your busy everyday life. The original instrument pampers you with a great wealth of overtones and an almost infinite frequency spectrum. The gong touches you in your deepest soul. You can elicit everything from it while it elicits everything from you.

The origin of the archaic instrument is not completely clear. Some sources assign it to the Southeast Asian region, while others suspect its origin to be in ancient Greece. The gong surprises with a wide range of tones.


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