MonochordThe monochord accompanies you on a very special journey with its carpet of sounds rich in overtones. While your body goes into deep resonance with the vibrations of the instrument, you experience a never before known release in a blissful state of suspension.

The "one-string" translated from the Greek was used by Pythagoras in ancient times for his experiments with harmonic structures. Although nowadays the instrument can have between twenty and over a hundred strings, depending on the construction, it is still called a monochord, as its strings are usually all tuned to the same tone. If one now strokes the strings in different strengths and speeds, the result is not a "monochord", but a carpet of sound of unbelievable richness with an angelic wealth of overtones, supported by superimpositions and resonances. Dive into the sea of primal sounds and let yourself be enchanted by the harmonious breeze of vibrations at the source of your being.


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