KlanggabelUnspeakably gently, the effective vibrations of the tuning fork reach your body and sink deep into your soul. In the flow of the universe you find your way back into your own vibration pattern, your body thanks you with healing relaxation, harmony and deep peace.

The main approach of phonophoresis is based on the principle of correspondence: the vibration of every cell in our body universe corresponds to the vibrations of the cosmos and vice versa! Already Paracelsus taught: the microcosm is equal to the macrocosm. The sound forks assigned to the planetary tones gently vibrate you into the information of the universe and lead you back to your primordial sound and thus to your primordial being.

In phonophoresis - also called sound puncture - the tuning fork is placed on acupuncture, chakras and meridian points as well as bony structures. During a phonophoresis treatment, body, mind and soul experience a deep harmonising effect.

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