DidgeridooThe didgeridoo is the European sister of the yidaki, the oldest, archaic woodwind instrument of the northern Aborigines of Australia. Traditionally they have lived in close contact with nature and the sacred yidaki, which they call the voice of Mother Earth, is still used for ritual purposes today.

Originally, didgeridoos were made from eucalyptus trunks, which were hollowed out by many hard-working workers - the termites. With their hollow-sounding, warm and at the same time soft tones, the Aborigines, together with traditional dances, tell their story of the Dreamtime.

Mysterious, earthy, original. The sounds of the didgeridoo are completely foreign to you and at the same time somehow familiar. The fascinating, natural sounds and vibrations take you on a mind-expanding, trance-like, relaxing and balancing journey. Very close to nature, to your origin.

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