Klangraum Chellenweid Your feel-good place, furnished with great attention to detail and focus on the flow of sounds! Here everything revolves around you and your well-being, so that you can find relaxation, peace and perhaps answers within yourself.

Each sound therapy session is individually adapted to you and the moment. Individual elements nevertheless give you a reliable framework. The room takes care of your well-being and security, here mindfulness and freedom of values prevail. Sound sessions are always performed with the body clothed.


Your sound session starts with a deliciously fragrant tea and the location talk: How have you been since the last session? How are you doing today? What are your wishes and expectations for the session today? Your descriptions are important, because they will be used to determine the procedure and the choice of accompanying instruments for today. You will learn more about the approximate procedure so that you can simply relax during the session.


The sound session takes place according to your possibilities in a sitting or lying position. During the sound treatment there is usually no talking unless you feel somehow uncomfortable - you should definitely report this back. Now you may just enjoy and perceive the sounds and vibrations around and in your body. Breathe deeply into the vibrations. Allow what is straight, listen inside. Maybe thoughts, pictures, colours or feelings will come back to you. Just be. Maybe you will fall asleep. Your body takes what it needs right now.


Feel into your body. It is filled with the soothing effect of the sounds. Even now, in the silence, thoughts, colours, images, smells and feelings may come up. Just allow everything to happen. The phase of feeling is extremely important. Give yourself the time to simply perceive what is.


You are welcome to share your experiences of the sound session with me. The sounds will "resonate" within you in the days after your session. If you have any questions, I will of course be there for you.

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