Wald Sonnenstrahlen

Day workshop series: "Use the energies & vibrations of the new time and find your true me".

From January 2021, Saturdays, time: 10:00 - 17:00 hrs

You can choose to attend individual workshops or the entire series of workshops.

Dates will follow, if interested please contact us


Consciously and attentively we experience the individual workshop days while we explore together the handling of the energies and vibrations of this time. Topics from nature form the basis of these workshop days. By immersing yourself in the world of sounds you will enter the force field of your natural vibration, relaxation and well-being will spread. You come into contact with yourself and your true self. Your own consciousness and the mutual exchange encourage you to discover new things, to allow yourself to make decisions and to integrate.

Let yourself be inspired, everything is possible.


Cost Fr. 380 (Fr. 20.- discount / workshop for block booking of at least 3 workshops)
Included           Drinks, small snacks & lunch
Journey Private car (please state car number when registering, driving permit will be registered), parking available on the farm premises, alternative arrival with the Zugerberg railway (walk 20-30 minutes, 1.8 km)
Seminar leadership    Gerda Hirt, certified private and business coach
Verena Krummenacher, certified private and business coach & sound therapist








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